Trip Transportation / Frequently Asked
1. Why book with Trip Transportation?

We provide private transportation from any airport to any hotel at the best price, Trip Transportation has been recommended on Travel sites like TripAdvisor and local authorities worldwide. We are licensed and have complete insurance liabilities with our clients.

2. Is the airport transportation private or shared?

Trip Transportation provides only private transportation, which could be either in vans, luxury SUVs or semi-buses.

3. The prices in Trip Transportation are per person or per vehicle?

Prices stated on Trip Transportations website are per vehicle not per person. If the selected service is private transportation, prices are per range of passengers: 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9.

4. How many people can a normal Trip Transportation van carry?

The regular van for transportation carries up to 9 passengers. Upon prior notification, an excepction could be done with the same vans, which could carry up to 10 passengers if passengers don't bring much luggage. However, the correct number of people must be chosen during the booking process. There are semi-buses also available, which would considered as Group Transportation (for up to 16 passengers). SUVs for Luxury Transportation can take up to 6 passengers.

5. How do I find Trip Transportation at any airport?

You need to go all the way out of the airport. There, you will see representatives holding boards. Look for Trip Transportation logo or your full name.

6. What kind of vehicles does Trip Transportation use?

Commonly used vehicles by Trip Transportation include Toyota Hiace, Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Suburban.

7. Does Trip Transportation have insurance?

Yes, we count with an insurance for all our passengers of complete liability while using our services.

8. Do you provide baby seats on your transportation services?

Baby seats are provided with prior users notice. Users must consider that this depends on the availability. However, we will always do our best to fulfill special requests (so far, not a problem with this), just remember it depends on the availability (1 per vehicle).

9. With how much time in advance do I need to book with Trip Transportation?

You can make the reservation any time in advance. However, we suggest to do it in a range of one week to one day in advance. Anyhow, we are able to give a last-minute reservation on the same day. At Trip Transportation, we work hard in order to give the best and prompt service.

10. Does the service include beers?

Beverages, snacks, or any extra services have extra charges. You can ask our Customer Service staff to provide you a quote of the amenities of your preference via an email to the following address:

11. Can I book with Trip Transportation once I’m at the Airport?

We recommend you to pre-book the Trip Transportation services on our website to avoid waiting for an available driver.

We can take reservation for people that just arrived at Cancun Airport however you might have to wait for a vehicle to be available.

12. Is there another way I can pay for my transportation service other than Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with most Credit Cards thru PayPal, PayPal is our main payment method; however the cash option is also available when booking through our website.

13. Do Trip Transportation vehicles have AC?

Yes, for your comfort all our units have air conditioner.

14. What happens if my flight is delayed? Will Trip Transportation wait for us?

Yes, during the booking process we ask you for your airline and flight number, this allow us to track if there is a delay on your flight and wait for you.

15. Can we make a stop to buy groceries on the way to my destination?

Yes, you can add an extra stop on your service during the booking process.

16. How can I make my reservation with Trip Transportation?

You can book with us in 4 different ways:

  • - Via booking engine: Customize your service according to your needs.
  • - Via e-mail: Send us your request to
  • - Via phone call: Dial any of our numbers and talk to our Customer Service department.
  • - Via chat: Send us a message through the chat available on our website.
17. Do children pay the same price as adults?

Yes, prices are set by passengers or per vehicle, not per age.

18. What happens if accidentally I leave one of my belongings in the vehicle?

Trip Transportation is not responsible for objects left inside the vehicles. However, we recommend you to contact us by phone as soon as you notice you missed an item since our vehicles are constantly providing service to different passengers in several locations.

19. Is my reservation refundable?

You may cancel your reservation up to 3 days prior to service with a 10% penalty fee. Refunds won't apply for cancellations with less than 3 days of advance.

20. Do the drivers speak English?

Yes, although their English may not be on the same level as a native speaker, they count with the necessary skills to communicate with passengers with no problem.

21. How long does it take to get to my vehicle once at the airport?

As soon as you meet our representative, he will take you to your private vehicle.

22. What if we can't find the representative in the airport?

If you booked your service correctly, our staff will be there. If you can't see any representative, the most probable is they are meeting another family. You can find our local and toll-free numbers on your confirmation voucher. Please, give us a quick call son we can locate the representative and ask him to be with you ASAP you.

23. If I book a round trip, do I need to confirm my pick up to return?

There is no need to confirm your return trip. Anyways, feel free to do so by chat, email or through our toll-free numbers.

24. I made a reservation but didn’t receive the confirmation email?

In this case, we recommend you to first check your spam or junk mail, and if you don’t find anything at all, please contact us at so we can make sure your reservation was processed correctly and, if applies, re-send you the confirmation e-mail.

25. Are tips mandatory for the driver?

Tips are not mandatory but they are highly recommended. Tip the driver if it helps you with your bags, explains to you about the area or lets you enjoy peace and silence with professionalism if it's what you prefer. Drivers depend heavily on tips, but they know they must earn it with, just like waiters.

26. If my flight arrives early in the morning or late in the night, can I still have a service?

Sure, as long as you make the reservation at least one day in advance so our Operation Department can make sure there will be a driver waiting for you upon arrival.

27. What currencies can I use to pay for my transportation?

All our prices are in USD. If you pay through Paypal, you can use almost any currency. If you pay in cash, we accept only USD.

28. Are your transfer services Pet friendly?

We can transport domestic pets as long as they are kept in cages which size would fit in a normal vehicle.

29. Is there enough room in the vehicles for the luggage?

There is plenty room for your luggage as long as you bring one suitcase and one carry-on per person. However, if you consider you have many pieces of luggage, you may consider booking a large van. Contact us for further information:

30. Is Trip Transportation listed on TripAdvisor?

Yes we are. In fact, we have earned TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Feel free to check our profile.

31. How do I know this is a reliable company?

We have been in the business for more than 10 years. We have a very complete Tripadvisor profile where you can check real reviews from past customers.